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Cute Hairstyles For Long Hair

Wahoo! Amazing Hairstyles For Long Hair!

Long hair always catches the attention. It’s great to have a long bouncy hair.As long hair can easily transfer into any matching hair style with the different dress and different ambience, every woman is in search of a good hair style for long hair. Moreover, it added some grace to our appearance also. But, managing a long hair is not so easy all the time especially during office hours. So here to give you an idea about beautiful hair style for long hair, we are going to explain some good hair style for long hair step by step. Just follow us.

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Hairstyles For Long Hair #1) EASY BUN:

  Comb your hair. Take two layers of hair from either side and make a ponytail at the back.
  Hold the back hairs along with the ponytail together and tie with a rubber band at the back.
Make a hand roll and make it enter through the gap of the pony tail to form a chignon. Pin up the loose hair ends properly.
Hairstyles For Long Hair

Hairstyles For Long Hair #2) The top knot bun: This hair style is perfect for long hair with a western dress and party. It’s an ideal hair style for summer to protect the hair from sweat and dust.

 Comb your hair thoroughly and make sure there is no tangle in between.
 Now hold your hair straight up to the centre of your head and twist it length wise.
 Now make a bun on the top, and pinned it well so that it set properly. Use some hair spray to manage the loose hair. You can use any decorative hair piece if you are going to a party.

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