Thursday, 28 June 2018

Home Remedies to treat Viral Fever

Home Remedies to treat Viral Fever

Generally viral fever occurs when immune system in body is reduced and to increase immune system it is necessary to taken care of your food .Prefer rich protein food, immunity itself decreases in the body Eat simple healthy and fresh food because heavy food cannot digest easily. Many people do not eat food and drinks in viral fever, but avoiding the food can increase the disease, so as far as possible, eat a lot of food in viral and drink maximum water to avoid dehydration.

Use garlic to get rid of diseases. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and mineral elements are found in garlic. It does not cause diseases related to cold, pain, swelling and skin. Garlic ghee or oil can also be used in the form of flavored sauce.

Drink a lot of water, in addition to dehydration, helps in the removal of micro-organisms that attack the body.

Use more amount of green and leafy vegetables in viral fever. Because green vegetables have high amount of water, so dehydration can not occur in the body.

Due to the viral fever, eat more dry fruits in viral fever. In dry fruits abundance of Zinc is found.

Consume more quantity of bananas and apples. Both of these contain high amounts of potassium, which is the electrolyte that ends the diarrhea.

Eat maximum tomatoes, potatoes and oranges .These contains Vitamin C

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