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Why Radha is not one of the 16000 wives Of Lord Krishna?????

Why Radha is not one of the 16000 wives Of Lord Krishna?????

Why Radha is not one of the wife of Lord Krishna??   This question always irritates me from my childhood whenever I saw Lord Krishna story. The famous daily shop shows Lord Krishna's life story. Every incident have the   Radha character but Krishna got married to Rukmani instead of his childhood friend and love Radha.  

In our generation we can't find that unconditional love of Krishna and Radha. But why not they had a family or lived together. It's believed that Lord Krishna have 16000   wives approximately.   let's try to find out the answer. Before that an intro of lord Krishna and Radha.

Who is Lord Krishna?? Lord Krishna is 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is Hindu God of love, compassion and tenderness. He was born in Mathura but brought up in Vrindavan.

  Who is Radha? Radha or Radharani is supposed to be avatar of Goddess Laxmi. Krishna and Radha have a love story but even after that she is not his better half.

The love story start from   The love story started, when Krishna was a little child. He go by the lake for the grazing cows. The cows graze the grass and at that time Krishna play his flute. One Gopi   Radha had captivated him.

The unusual thing....   According to the mythological story, the unusual   thing is that Radha was married to Abhimanyu. there were more reasons why the couple never stays liked normal couples.

They   are born to define the fine   line between loving someone and marrying   someone. The eternal love they have for each other could never suffice by giving a tag to their love tale.

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